They met at a wedding...

Their mutual friends Mary Ellen and Eric Twohey were getting married in spring of 2015.   Mary Ellen mentioned sitting Lori at a specific table to meet the single bachelors at the reception.  Little did she know that Eric Nugent had already spotted Lori and spied to see the table she was sitting at...he was thrilled to find out they were dining together.

The evening was a blur of laughing and dancing.  A perfect gentleman, he walked her to her car at the end of the night and like a got her number. The very next evening they went on their first date.  Two nights later they went on another date.  And from that point forward spent every day together laughing, listening to music, traveling and playing pretend, otherwise known as chatting all things business.  For two entreprenuers this is one of the most romantic topics possible.  A perfect match!